Burn Punk London was a necessary act to remind the public and wake them up! Wake Up Punk is the film, documenting the event that will arrive soon in 2019.

In 1976 Punk’s challenge to the establishment, it’s a message of discontent, the Rebel Yell from generation No Future, underpinned the DIY creative empowerment for change. That was the inspiration for the creation of these objects at their inception. In turn this is why they have any value or meaning today. If I don’t make a stand to defend these values before they are lost entirely, as they sink to the bottom of the commercial cultural soup, no one else will! These items would become worthless to me, a shrine, icon or fetish to something that doesn’t exist! Oscar Wilde talked about people knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. It’s time to really think about that! There are parallels to be drawn with the current cultural and political oblivion we are experiencing.



(Image by Lee Kirby)