Why are you acting against Punk and its position in our social heritage?

Joe: Another aspect that I strongly object to is these bastions of the establishment, institutions like the British Fashion Council, the Museum of London, Boris Fucking Johnson, The British Library and the rest of their filthy ilk, and this whole contrived “Punk London” piss festival is nothing more than a fraud. The objective is to hoodwink the generation of today into believing Punk is going to provide a viable alternative, a solution, an alternative way of living and operating under a different set of rules and moral choices. You can’t learn how to be a punk in a Museum of London workshop. I just think it is wrong to lie to young people in this way

Paleface: The guts of Punk spilled out when it was disembowelled by the fraudulent hand extended in acceptance by the fork tongued powers that be. A hand that gently slid the knife into the soft belly of the beast while the other hand held us in a warm embrace. The whole episode is a shameful scam. Punk isn’t just dead, it was raped and murdered and the corpse slung in a ditch. Punk acquiesced and was disarmed and rendered impotent, its relevance and vitality by the establishment who skinned the carcass and sold the meat off cheap. It has been consumed in a wave of rampant commercialism and, ultimately has been sold back to those that are desperate for some kind of shrivelled relevance and identity in a tsunami of nauseating nostalgia by the corporate worlds in their efforts to dazzle you whilst they pry out every last copper from your purse as they fuck the whole planet up its arse.  If anyone is convinced by this sham, if anyone actually believes that being a punk has changed or will change anything, that’s tragic, think again. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of the time

Joe: This can only be achieved with the submission and acquiescence of these sanitised and sterilised so-called, ex Punks, to the dictates of a society that engages all means necessary to combat, dissent and compartmentalise society into divisive groups, thereby preventing any changes to the scheme of things because the fools are all fighting each other rather than the enemy.