Why didn’t you give the money to Charity?

Joe: Charity has become an industrial corporate organisation. A thing that has replaced the government responsibility to provide for the welfare state. As a result, as arm dealers need wars, charities need causes. It’s become a necessity to support the state. Corporate charity / shows – gala events, 90% of fundraising is on producing the event. People who don’t pay their taxes get off on how much they give to charity. Self-congratulatory exercises. They trade vanity in exchange for money. That’s why I feel really strongly on my charities, that’s why 80% of the revenues from the Burn Punk London documentary will be donated to fight climate change and help London Youth organisations that I have already been supporting for some considerable time.

BPL: The Charity Industry is just another construct of the establishment.

Joe: But you know, out of all of this, the one thing I can understand is someone who is completely skint, and living in the most miserable conditions being upset by what they may consider to be squandered money. They can’t understand how on earth anyone could burn £5million? Because when you are in in that position your life is bleak and any ray of light is a blessing. Sadly £5m doesn’t even scratch the surface, it’s a piss in the ocean. Unless we address our values and ethics, we are never going to overcome this charity issue.

Paleface: Question Everything. Clearly it is easy to misconstrue what we are attempting to do here. So question why? The conclusions are for you to make, but don’t believe what you are told, inform yourself and draw your own conclusion, one that is yours, not one that has been put in your mouth by Murdoch or Beaverbrook while they wave the national flag and rape you. We are painfully aware of the imbalance in today’s society, and the massive and chronic imparity between those living in poverty and those who are the 1%. Of course it can be dismissed as a petulant gesture, an act of wilful arrogance and toy throwing. But realistically, in a vessel as rotten as this, what kind of a hole does £5m plug and for how long? Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and …