The burning of the acetate infuriated many. They argue that you invalidated your point before you even started. Were you also going to burn the million you wanted for the SP acetate if you were successful in selling it? 

Joe: I say to them: It didn’t sell, you didn’t bid, and it was better to burn it than it gets in to the wrong hands, like in some banker’s collection.

BPL:  Whatever or whoever it is that is telling you something, question it. Ultimately what it matters to all is that you think by yourself. That was the point, in case you missed it.

Is this just a hoax?

Joe: We definitely burnt what I presented I was going to burn, if you want to see a hoax look at the ISIS videos commissioned by the Pentagon.

Paleface: You want to see a hoax, look at the reasons behind the invasion of Iraq.

A journalist insists: “Where was the £5million for punk memorabilia. Bollocks!’  I get the point but there must be other ways of proving your point.

Joe: There was so much to burn, it took a few weeks to do it, it would’ve been boring to watch and taken too long, which is why it was started on the 5th November. It is all documented.

There are many who see zero point on this act, other than to gain some notoriety.

Joe: People think this publicity makes millions. it surprises me that people really believe that, but there you go. BPL was a publicity exercise; the aim is to get a bigger message across. Publicity is a tool, Propaganda a weapon. The key is finding the truth is by checking the facts. Could the message be about our obsession with spurious value? Our fetishisation of history? We are obsessed with the loss of things, things that we attach a financial value to, things we don’t know why anymore, things we simply own and possess, we forgot their value, their real value. We must re-examine and re-evaluate our value system and do whatever is necessary.

“True integrity would have been to burn it without the press coverage”

Joe: Why didn’t you burn it in private? That question again – the whole point was to use it as a platform to talk about some really important issues – how corporate globalization, Neo-Liberalism, is destroying the planet.

Paleface: Just as a further clarification, we did burn tons in private, at least 90%, we saved a few special pieces for the boat, the lion’s share of it was already burnt weeks before in case we got stopped by the authorities. We were told by the fire brigade that they had firemen on standby to respond in each of the 3 boroughs that we were citing as possible locations on the day. We were concerned that there would be some measures taken to prevent or stop us, we wanted to make sure that couldn’t happen. As it turned out we were right, but we managed it anyway.

Joe: Punk rock is a part of “business as usual”, being Punk and “alternative” in this perverse social climate is just another form of illusory dissidence. It’s just another uniform perfectly assimilated within the corporate structure. Punk is just “distraction as usual”.

On the boat on the Thames during the “Burn” you talked about financial and corporate elites and the power they hold over all of us. But you are often included among that very same elite, an elite that you state are responsible for most of our problems. 

Joe: We all are part of the problem and to find the solution to the problem is our common responsibility. But first we need to address what the problem is: 1% owns as much as the other 99%. There is a real elite and I think that you know exactly of whom I speak, the Rothschilds, the Rockerfellers and the various other parasites that control our hideously evil and rotten financial system, the corporate monoliths and their martial counterparts that control politicians, media and ultimately governments and the world through means of corruption and greed. I came from nothing and had nothing and I took them on at their own game, playing by their rules, and won. Then I get slated, because I was relatively successful in the opinions of some. I guess that is par for the course, there is always a presumed delineation between those who are considered to be financially in a strong position and those who feel that they are less so, the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. This is the same ridiculous prejudice that says anyone who has made a success within the capitalist system, regardless of whether they have done that by unconventional means or not, and regardless of what their morals or intentions were, they are by default, now part of an elite whose intention is to subjugate the masses and as such they are no longer entitled to an opinion. The term ‘elite’ indicates persons of a certain class or group that holds or exercises the major share of power and control, who hold authority or influence within a larger group.  I don’t think I fall into this category. Clearly there are many exceptions to this but I understand that some people will inevitably hold a grudge towards me because of my success. Check the facts: I am certainly NOT part of the 1%. I am nowhere near part of the 1% or any elite.

Paleface: Furthermore, Joe doesn’t want to try and assert any form of control, on the contrary, he wants to encourage people to use their eyes and ears, to see what is happening around them and to think about that and react, to join together and actively pursue their future, YOUR FUTURE. He has said this before but this is vital, the generation emerging today face issues on a level never before contemplated. EXCTINCTION. Extinction, of us as a species, and the end of life as we know it. Issues such as catastrophic climate change, environmental destruction and pollution on unprecedented and dangerous levels, society is more unequal than in feudal times, Greed is the new God. Education, health care and accommodation are now luxury items not basic human rights. The divisions across society are becoming deeper and deeper, we need to embrace what we have in common as well as celebrate our uniqueness and collaborate. How can we fight the problem as opposed to creating the problem? We need to isolate and institute solutions on both a long and short term basis and adhere to those solutions.  If we unite on core issues, then we become unstoppable and changes have to be made. Stop sitting there like rabbits caught in the headlights, react before you get flattened. We need to understand and start to consider what this generation face, what we all face, and act accordingly and without delay. I am trying to highlight the issues so we can start to talk and react. It seems that the majority of people hated the Burn, they took it as an affront to their principles that are well rooted in nostalgia and in what they consider to be the normal scheme of things. Some say “I understand the stuff is yours but it’s akin to burning the nations baby photos!”

BPL: Nostalgia is often a paralysing emotion. While we are looking at the nation’s baby photos, our house is getting burgled.

Joe: But this is not the case with Burn Punk London. The things that were burnt were recorded in a way that is so much more vital, and preserved in action on film and in fact had a very fitting end in line with their purpose. These were inert objects. We injected new life into them.  And is all well documented.

Paleface: Ultimately they are relics. Realistically they have no value other than a perceived value due to their scarcity. There are 1,000,000’s of copies out there. It is interesting how people react to burning a few old clothes, a sweater with holes in it that his mum made and some other stuff, yet the things that are really important, that really are significant and are killing us as a species and the world around us, are allowed continue unhindered. We are being smashed to bits, your rights and human dignity sold off to the highest bidder, you are choked to death by industrial fumes but that is all ok apparently.