Punks are going: “You will never be one of Us!” “What makes you a spokesperson for punk?”

Paleface: Firstly Joe isn’t, nor does he consider himself a spokesman for Punk, or an apologist for it, for that matter. His comments are personal and he does not seek to speak for anyone. He may draw attention to the fact that it would appear that most of the ex-punks have forgotten what set them apart in the first place and now sit contentedly eating their bowl of gruel, happy to be part of the establishment they so wanted to change. The wheel has turned full circle, the revolution is complete. Secondly, he is not speaking on behalf of anyone but himself, none of us are. Use your own words, speak for yourself. Turn your anger where it needs to be. Look at what is going on in the world, actions that are carried out in our name, don’t shoot the messenger.

Joe: If I’m not a punk, then I don’t want to be one. I do not want to speak for “you”. Why would I want to speak for the dead?

Some also suggested selling the collection and using the money to create a new music revolution…

Joe: In the words of Jamie Reid,” We don’t care about the music”. Punk was not about the music to me.

Paleface: Someone kindly pointed out we could have bought 28,000 Fender guitars with the money and asked why we didn’t do that? What the hell would 28,000 guitars do? Presumably they were talking about acoustic guitars otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many as we would have to have provided amps. Or there was a suggestion to buy..

BPL: Revolutions are not created. Revolutions are not even instigated, but born of the common discontent. Nostalgia is a narcotic that numbs the revolutionary spirit. We need to discard nostalgia and the cult of the icon to move on.

Paleface: This is not a statement at all, Malcolm understood completely how controversy gets massive media attention, Joe is clearly the son of his father. He obviously did this for the publicity. That is clear and established. So look at what he is trying to publicise, what he is drawing attention to, what he is trying to shout above the fray. Think about that. Talk about that. Step back from the smoke and mirrors and look at the big picture.

And your statement “It’s unfortunate that those who identify with the Punk culture are missing the larger picture. Which is sticking to your core values”

 Joe: I’m pointing at the larger picture: It is propaganda that is actually determining our so-called “core values”.

Paleface: I think that is a very true statement. It is sad and disappointing to see so many ex-punks looking at it solely from a financial or nostalgic point of view.  What happened? Where did their belief system go? They like to talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. All this yawn “I was there” is bollocks, well where are you now? Turncoats.

What do you say to those accusing you of speaking only for yourself?  

Joe: I can only speak for myself and you should learn to do so as well. One morning you’re going to wake up and realise that you’ve been repeating someone else’s words. So, I want to encourage everyone to speak for themselves, to make their own opinions, find their voices and a platform to shout from. If you don’t speak out, others will speak for you until you no longer remember what your voice sounds like.

Paleface: We all have a voice and the opportunity to act. We don’t pretend to speak for anyone. Please make your voices heard. Do something rather than snipe. Joe’s objective, our objective is to try to get people to stop staring into the headlights and take the initiative to participate in YOUR FUTURE. Its tragically ironic that there is a hole in the sky, rivers and oceans too polluted to sustain life, air too toxic to breathe, the polar icecaps are slush, temperatures rising higher and faster than the computer models, climatic extremes are now the norm and everyone is shouting because Joe burnt his souvenirs. Shout about burning the fucking rain forest. This whole affair has come about because of society’s abject failure to react to what is going on around us, this is about protest and sacrifice. The changes that Punk sought to bring about have been paid lip service and dismissed. To celebrate 40 years of Punk is to celebrate being beaten, abused and defeated and consumed and shat out. Those old punks who criticise and mourn the loss of a few clothes, or rather the sum of money that they might be worth, need to wake up from their nostalgic wet dream and rediscover what made them punks in the first place and think about what made them decide to take the King’s schilling, and sign on board HMS Establishment sailing to destination, EXTINCTION. Don’t worry about who is speaking, worry about what they are saying.