Benefit Fraud VS Corporate Fraud

Spin-doctors misrepresent statistics, skilfully manipulating public opinion, and deflecting scrutiny onto a convenient victim, the poor. Employees and workers earning sub-poverty wages receive benefits to the tune of £11bn.  Meanwhile, these subsidised corporations avoid £122bn in tax each year. They don’t have to pay their staff, you do, think about that…Ever get the feeling you’re being cheated?

Loss through fraud amounts to a third of that lost through negligence and incompetence.  On another equally disturbing note, claimants were underpaid by £1.6bn, potentially leaving many vulnerable families struggling for money.

The £1.3bn defrauded pales into insignificance when compared to what big business manages to milk through ‘legal’ tax evasion.  Conservative estimates put the sum lost to the UK economy through unethical and immoral tax evasion at £122bn p/a.

International tax dodging corporations expect to benefit from a safe and secure society with a functioning social infrastructure and an educated labour force. These corporations are enabled to avoid tax by political parties who in return fail to make new laws addressing tax structure loopholes. Their profits are for executive bonuses and shareholder dividends enriching further the 1%.

Currently, 7.1million people [1 in 4 workers, 25% of the UK workforce], are in precarious employment with no job security. The UK tax payers top up the sub-survival wages by £11bn currently through benefit payments such as Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Child Tx Credit, Child Benefit, ten times the amount lost to Benefit fraud.

We react with horror and hatred at those branded as “Benefit Scroungers”.  It is a criminal act if the menial poor avoid a few quid in tax or benefits to survive but big business has the privilege to fiddle billions. corporate tax evasion annually costs $600bn.  $12tn worldwide is put into offshore bank accounts every year.

We must accept that the economy is far more affected by the scale of aggressive tax avoidance and fraudulent evasion than fraudulent benefit claims and redirect our focus onto Big Business system cheats with their negotiable tax reductions that are unavailable to the public, deliberate loopholes and aggressive avoidance costing the UK economy £122bn annually, the amount defrauded by benefit abusers is a piss in the ocean by comparison.

Get angry about people playing the system by all means, but start at the top and work your way down if you expect to be taken seriously.  I am not condoning those that commit fraud, but it is disproportionately presented as being the scourge of our times and the root of all evil in society.  Benefit shaming is a convenient control tool, pitting the disadvantaged against the disadvantaged, keeping the collective eye off the ball and providing an excellent scapegoat  – Divide and Conquer!!.  It’s the wretched poor that are blamed and shamed whilst the real villains laugh away from inside their ivory towers.

Something is seriously wrong when a society persecutes the dehumanised peasant who steals bread to feed his starving children whilst it sanctions some odious waste of air rich cunt in a fucking castle to rape us up the arse and then wipe their cock on the fucking curtains. Next time some poor fucking cunt gets sent down for nicking Mars Bars at Tesco because they haven’t eaten in days and can’t afford food, remember Philip ‘ TopCunt’ Greed sneaking off with half a billion from his employee’s pension fund

Great Britain, the seventh richest country in the world, in London it’s Glorious showpiece capital where we can afford to spend £300m tarting up the richest woman in the world’s Palace and a further £6bn tarting up the Houses of Parliament while rough sleeping has increased by 60% since 2011.  Social Housing has been sold off to corporate landlords and is virtually non-existent.  What was once social housing is now rented back to the Councils at extortionate rates in excess of 3 times the real price and tramp spikes are the only things implemented to prevent homelessness.  I don’t think food banks even existed in my youth, now we have more Michelin Starred restaurants than anywhere else while a million people are forced to us food banks to survive as the nation can boast a million plus people relying on food banks.

Inequality is tearing the UK to shreds, the wealthy can buy lifeboats or cling onto their income to float but the poor are locked into the hold, it’s the Titanic all over again. How do they get away with it? How stupid are we?  How much are we going to take? Not only are we expected to accept this, but we are also expected to fight and die defending their privilege and we fucking do!!!!  How do we justify paying for the munitions to bomb helpless souls on the other side of the earth while at home the besieged NHS is sold off in chunks?  Poverty in the UK continues to spiral out of control, sucking more families into desolation and despair daily.

I have had a fucking nuff, what about you?

Torpedo the fucking Yachts.


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