oscar wildeSince putting the value of 5 million pound on this collection that is what got everybody interested, they’re more interested perhaps in the price then they are of what it is or what it represents. Punk rock evolved as a real challenge to the establishment, because people were so fed up with the status quo and didn’t see any future for themselves in this country during the 70’s. They didn’t know what to do and punk rock came through as an antidote for that and said we’re going to tear everything up and we’re going to re-create it in our own vision where it means something to us. So it gave everybody the creative confidence to be able to go out and choose something different or something other for their life then what was already carved out for them from society. So if they were living in a northern town and the only option for them was to go and work down the coal mine or work in the pie shop they suddenly had something else they could do and that was either starting a punk rock band or going to college and looking at how to make clothes, make a small company for themselves, it gave them confidence that they didn’t have to follow a career path that was somehow out of reach for them, it gave them confidence to say that they could create their own ideas.

Now, during that time, this was so outrageous that the establishment hated this and they hated it to the extent that they wouldn’t allow the music to be played on the radio, they wouldn’t allow the records to be bought in the shop, when the sex pistols were number one there was no number one that week there was only a number two, there was just a blank at number one. As a kid we had people coming round smashing our windows it was like having to run the gauntlet walking down the street everyday because everyone wanted to beat you up just for being a punk and now today we’re all celebrating 40 years, this arbitrary 40 year anniversary, why 40 years I’ve got no idea? Some tourist board guys picked that because it happens to be 40 years since the release of Anarchy in the UK and I can’t understand how you can have a celebration about this anti-establishment thing ”Anarchy in the UK” being the title of it, celebrated and sponsored by The mayor of London, The British Tourist board, BFC and everything else.

So it begs the questions, what value does this stuff have? What does it actually represent or mean anymore? Now if it only means a postcard with some bloke wearing a uniform of a beefeater in one post card and the uniform of a punk rocker in another postcard and “Welcome to London”, then maybe all the old punk rockers should go and get a bit of a contribution to their uniform you know from the British tourist board, I’m sure a lot of the punk rockers would be quite pleased to have a contributions to their uniform but actually they’re braindead and they don’t even realise that’s why they wear a fucking uniform in the first place.

You know the best thing about punk rock is you didn’t need to go out and buy a uniform, all you needed was a packet of safety pins, you didn’t need to go and buy expensive clothes, you didn’t need to do that, all you needed was a packet of safety pins and to put some soap in your hair and go and do whatever you felt like and that was all you needed, and so if it has a value, why does it have a value? What does it represent? And I think thats the question. Or is it worth nothing? Whichever one it is, I think people have got to start asking themselves that question, if it is worth something, what is it worth and why? Now to me it has a value because it represents a time when you could be arrested for wearing those clothes, you’d just get nicked and thrown in prison, people were. And now it’s going to become the kind of tourist board uniform it has to be the time when we ask the question as to what value these things have and what they mean? Most peoples idea of punk has become this slightly uneducated oaf type characters jumping around to rock music and being sick and stuff, there’s nothing valuable in that, that doesn’t prove anything or achieve anything. So it’s time to decide what people think of it and value it or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t have any value then what the fuck are they celebrating it for?

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