INEOS are a multinational, offshore petrochemicals corporation headed up by one man, Jim “Plastic” Ratcliffe. Financed through a secretive web of high-interest junk bonds, their corporation is not accountable to anybody.

Despite the scientific knowledge of fossil fuels contributing massively to climate change and the UN’s war on polluting plastics, INEOS is ignoring this information and instead, are ramping up production to create more polluting plastics through fracking. It’s as if they have a death wish.

INEOS’s PR campaigns have gone into overdrive to gloss over the dark truth of their sinister motives. The kind of world INEOS is creating is nightmarish for our planet. We have coined the term “Planet INEOS” to demonstrate what the world will look like if they continue in this quest with their blatant disregard of the environment and our future on Earth.

INEOS’s Orwellian tactics include poisoning our seas and environment. Despite being the biggest producer of single use plastics they are simultaneously sponsoring Ben Ainslie with their TEAM UK to race around the world through the oceans of plastic pollution they have helped to create. 

INEOS are aiming to become the biggest fracking company in the UK and are already importing fracked gas from the USA to make vast quantities of single use plastics. The fracking industry is linked to a wide range of health impacts including childbirth defects and serious respiratory conditions. To further their hypocrisy, INEOS plan to frack near many schools in Great Britain and are also running a national campaign with ITV called ‘The Daily Mile’ to encourage children to run one mile in order to improve their health.

Jim “Plastic” Ratcliffe moved his operations to Switzerland in 2010 to avoid paying his UK VAT bill of 420 million pounds (effectively stealing from the British public) however he has also been knighted by the Queen for his investment into business.


Their dodgy business model is based upon buying up all the toxic, leaking infrastructure that the fossil fuel industry no longer want. They take a cavalier attitude of racking up their environmental fines and doing little to fix the actual problem. For example:

+   Grangemouth facility rated ‘poor’ by Scottish Environmental Protection Agency three years in a row.

+   Port of Runcorn facility was found guilty of releasing caustic soda into the Manchester ship canal. The company was ordered to pay a fine of £166,650 in March 2016.

+   Discharge of 17 tonnes of heavy metals into the water, including more than 1,000 kg of lead and released more than 63 tonnes of hydrogen cyanide into the air and nearly 1.4 tonnes of cyanide compounds into the water from 2011-2015

+   A Texan facility spilled 7.5 litres of highly toxic chemical acetone cyanohydrin killing thousands of fish in 2009.

+   INEOS has been named as one of Scotland’s top polluters.

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Ratcliffe is the UK’s richest man according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2018, and received a knighthood for his investment into business in the UK, despite moving his company to Switzerland to evade VAT, which makes a mockery of the whole Honours system.

His laissez-faire approach to environmental regulations and toxic leaks have been made evident when 56 tonnes of vinyl chloride monomer, a cancer-causing chemical which can also causes genetic defects was released into the air of Newton Aycliffe in 2011, falling on homes and gardens and at Grangemouth, an ethylene gas leak from a pipeline, which resulted in local roads closing and school children kept inside.

In Jim Ratcliffe’s own words: “It is like a puncture in your car – occasionally you get a puncture and occasionally we have an accident in chemicals.”


As Europe’s biggest disposable plastic manufacturer, INEOS is the enemy in the UN’s war on plastics and is a menace to our world and climate. INEOS lobbied hard against having the 5p plastic bag charge, which went ahead in the UK and has seen an 83% reduction in plastic bag use since it’s successful implementation.

They have opened the transatlantic pipeline, using colossal dragon ships to import ethane gas from the toxic and environmentally ruinous fracking fields in the US, heavily impacting local communities there. The ethane is used as a feed-stock for Ratcliffe’s plants in Grangemouth and Norway to turn into cheap plastics. 

“Plastic” Ratcliffe’s aim is to become the biggest fracker in the UK and will use the gas to make into more disposable plastics, risking our environment our children and nature. This year (2018), over 450,000+ plastic ‘nurdles’ were discovered on a beach near INEOS’s polymer plant near Fife. 


INEOS has trampled on our human rights with a Draconian injunction against ‘persons unknown’ (which means everyone in the world) resulting in a legal court battle spear-headed by Joe Corré to fight INEOS for our basic human rights to protest. To counter these dark moves, and in order to polish up their image to the general public, they have embarked upon a glorified PR expedition with a very expensive spending spree to distract from their core objectives. 

“Plastic” Ratcliffe has invested in the engineering of the most gas-guzzling SUV Land Rover, made in the spirit of the Defender. He bought the iconic British heritage brand Belstaff and the FC Lausanne-Sport Swiss football team.

More bizarre “Plastic” Ratcliffe purchases include a safari park in Tanzania for big game hunting because he’s ‘into conservation’ as well as buying up 300 square kilometres of pristine Icelandic windswept volcanic tundra because its untouched by man and will therefore be valuable one day.

He’s even building his mansion in Portsmouth on hydraulic stilts to save himself from the inevitable rising tides of climate change that he is racing towards on a death wish.

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